Nursing Staff - Niagara North Family Health Team Nursing Staff - Niagara North Family Health Team
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Nursing Staff


Virgil Site

Kerri-Anne HaworthRegistered Practical Nurse

Alexis BraunRegistered Practical Nurse

Helen FerleyRegistered Nurse
Helen’s programs: Diabetes Support Program

Joan GrahamRegistered Nurse (Mental Health Nurse)
Joan’s programs: Mental Health Team

Bobbie VanGelderRegistered Nurse
Bobbie’s programs: COPD Program, Asthma Program, Smoking Cessation Program, Memory Clinic, Osteoporosis Program & INR Program

Judy ValkRegistered Nurse (Outreach Coordinator & Program Nurse)
Judy’s programs: Hypertension Program, Osteoporosis Program

Niagara-on-the-Lake Hospital Site

LindaRegistered Practical Nurse

St. Catharines

Niagara Family Health Centre Site

Alanna KlosRegistered Practical Nurse
Alanna’s programs: Foot Care

Lake-Carlton site

Megan Podwinski – Registered Nurse
Megan’s Programs:  
Foot Care & Wound Care

Sarah Southcott – Registered Nurse, Outreach Coordinator

Registered Practical Nurses

RPNs are health care professionals. They combine nursing skill, knowledge and judgment and are experts of nursing care in various sectors of healthcare. RPNs can perform tasks including but not limited to; bringing patients in to exam rooms, taking patients vitals and giving injections under the supervision of an on-site Medical Doctor or Nurse Practitioner. They are regulated by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO).

Registered Nurses

RNs are health care professionals educated in clinical practice, decision-making, critical thinking, leadership, research utilization and resource management. RNs can care for patients with more complex needs in unpredictable situations. Registered Nurses can have specialized training in a variety of different fields. RNs can provide education to patients and make health recommendations. RNs are regulated by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO).