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Welcome to the Niagara North Family Health Team!

We are excited to announce a new clinic opening!

Don’t have a family doctor? A new Nurse Practitioner run clinic is now accepting applications! The office is located at 318 Ontario St. in St. Cathrines. Click here

Our Spring Wellness Webinar Series in complete.

Please click here to view the videos.

Niagara Residents can now register for ConnectMyHealth

This new digital health solution combines various health records created at hospitals in southwestern Ontario. For more details, visit ConnectMyHealth

Is your preventative care up to date?

According to the University of Toronto, preventative care is over due for many Niagara Residents.
41% are overdue for a Colorectal screen
35% are behind on PAP testing
36% are overdue for a Mammogram

Access urgent care without leaving home.

The Niagara Virtual Urgent Care service provides convenient and safe treatment through secure video for non-emergency injuries or illnesses, for patients who do not have a primary care provider or cannot make an appointment with their family doctor or other primary care provider during the week. https://www.urgentcareontario.ca/

COVID vaccine updates

Are you up to date on your vaccines?
All Ontarians aged five and older are encouraged to get booster doses, as evidence shows that vaccine protection decreases over time. Go to www.ontario.ca/page/covid-19-vaccines to see if you are due for a booster dose.


A new Nurse Practitioner lead clinic! Check out the enrolment package here. If you don’t have a family doctor and have a valid Health Card, you can drop the forms off to 318 Ontario Street in the Pharmasave Medical Clinic Building.

What is a Nurse Practitioner

  • A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse with advanced education, skills and experience who provides personalized, quality health care to the people of Ontario.
  • As Registered Nurses in the Extended Class [RN (EC)] they are regulated by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO).
  • Only nurses who are registered in the Extended Class can refer to themselves as Nurse Practitioners.
  • Maintaining registration in the Extended Class requires ongoing education, training and complying with a high level quality assurance program.
  • In Ontario, the average Nurse Practitioner works for 16 years as a Registered Nurse before returning to school to complete a Master’s degree or post baccalaureate certificate to qualify as an NP (CRaNHR NP Workforce Study, 2012)

What does a Nurse Practitioner do?

NPs have the competency to:

  • diagnose
  • order and interpret diagnostic tests
  • prescribe all medications
  • perform medical procedures

They work with individuals and families to manage illness or chronic conditions, prevent illness through health screening, and promote wellness through education and community resources. In essence, NPs bring together the medical knowledge needed to diagnose and treat illnesses with the values and skills of nursing.


If you or someone you know are looking for a family doctor at our Virgil site, please download and fill out the Patient Profile Form. Please drop off the completed forms at 1882 Niagara Stone Road, Virgil.

Check out the details here

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