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DCT-Type 2 Diabetes Education Program

DCT-Type 2 & Insulin Diabetes Group

4 week workshop about Type 2 Diabetes and insulin

Facilitator: Charlene Juras, RN, Certified Diabetes Educator

Are you overwhelmed having to take insulin 4 times a day?

Are you frustrated your blood sugars are always high?

Are you having difficulty knowing how much insulin to give yourself?

This new workshop has been designed specifically for patients who have Type 2 diabetes and take insulin before every meal as well as insulin before bedtime (not just at bedtime)

Some topics to be discussed:

  • Insulin-short acting (meal time) vs long acting (bedtime)
  • Blood sugar targets before meals and 2 hours after meals
  • Correct dose of insulin and titrating instructions
  • Carbohydrate counting
  • Injection techniques and storage
  • Hypoglycemia and treatment
  • Libre 2 vs manual meters

When it’s offered:

  • Wednesday, September 4 – 25 , 2024 9:15am-11:30am (IN PERSON)


  • 1338 Fourth Ave, St Catharines


Please call 905-682-5555 or fill out our online program request form

✓ This program is open to any adults who have Type 2 Diabetes and take insulin

*This group is not intended for people with Pre Diabetes*