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Just Diagnosed With Diabetes?
5 Things You Can Do Right Now!

  1. Stop drinking fruit juice and regular pop.
  2. Use the Quick Check for a Healthy Plate.
  3. Increase your activity level – walking is a great way to start.
  4. Get a glucose monitor at your pharmacy to check blood glucose levels.
  5. Ask you doctor to refer you one of the Niagara Region Diabetes Education Programs so you can learn how to look after diabetes.

Remember: Small Changes Bring Big Rewards

Do You Know Your Numbers?

ABCs of Diabetes Management

  • A1c is an important blood test showing the average blood glucose level over about three months.
  • Blood pressure and blood Cholesterol are other important numbers in diabetes management.
  • If you don’t know these numbers, you can call the diabetes education programs in your community for some education.

Need More Information About Diabetes?

Call your Doctor if you…

If you cannot get ahold of your doctor and are ill, go to the Emergency Room.

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