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Privacy Policy

Patient Privacy FAQs

The Niagara North Family Health Team (NNFHT) is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal health information of its patients and staff.

The NNFHT routinely collects personal information that is used in the provision of care. The information that is collected is protected and not released without consent to do so in accordance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2014 (PHIPA).

Your Personal Health Information (PHI) includes information relevant to your health including your date of birth, contact information, health card number, health history, family history, records of your visits, the care and support you received during those visits, results from tests and procedures and information from other health care providers.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Health Information

Your request for care from our team implies consent for our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information for purposes related to your care.  We do not collect any other information, or allow information to be used for other purposes without your express consent (verbal or written) – except where required by law.

The Niagara North Family Health Team uses and discloses Personal Health Information to:

  • Treat and care for you  including visits with all of our interdisciplinary health providers such as a Dietitian or a Social Worker
  • Support law enforcement – we may disclose personal health information to government agencies and law enforcement personnel when the Law requires it
  • Support public health activities – we report information about various diseases to government offices in charge of collecting this information. We provide coroners, medical examiners with information about an individual’s death
  • Plan administer and manage internal operations and conduct risk-management activities
  • Quality Assurance statistics. This information is collected in an anonymous fashion for quality monitoring and improvement.
  • Educate our staff and students
  • Provide appointment reminders to you
  • Deliver our programs

Our collection, use and disclosure of your health information are done in accordance with Ontario Law