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Quality Improvement

At the Niagara North Family Health Team, we are committed to providing the best care possible for you and your family.

We are have formalized our commitment to delivering high quality care to our patients, community and ourselves presented in our current Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). This plan outlines our goals and objectives for quality improvement over this next year. Some of our quality improvement activities include: collecting data on the performance of our team, strengthening our partnerships with the Niagara Health System and to understand how we are doing through the eyes of our patients. This year’s QIP focuses on the three key quality indicators of Access, Integration and Patient-Centredness.


Access refers to how easily you can get services and care from our family health team. Our team is beginning to evaluate how easy it is to get an appointment with a care provider when you have a concern that needs to be addressed right away or on the “same day”. We are also looking at how long it takes to get an appointment with your care provider when you need a routine or non-urgent appointment. We will also ask you to tell us about your experiences with getting an appointment through our patient survey.


When services are integrated, there is a smooth flow of information from one health care provider to another. We are working with our partners at the Niagara Health System to improve the flow of information between our two sites. Better communication will help us to ensure that we see you within seven days of your discharge from the hospital and that we have all of the information that we need to provide good care.

Patient Centred

Through this goal, our team hopes to understand the experience of care through the eyes of our patients. In order to help us with this goal, we hope that you will take a moment and complete our patient survey. Your input is important to us and will help to shape the programs and services offered by our Family Health Team in the future. 

Key Findings from our 2016-17 Patient Satisfaction Surveys


Garden city fht patient satisfaction summary


Niagara-on-the-lake fht patient satisfaction summary